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Exfoliating Olive Oil Soap with snail shell powder and mucus 100ml / 3.38oz

Exfoliating Olive Oil Soap with snail shell powder and mucus 100ml / 3.38oz

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Cleansing - Softness - Protection - Care.
For all skin types even for sensitive skin.
It regulates the oiliness.
Face - Hands - Body.
Acne - Dry Skin - Discoloration - Stretch Marks - Antioxidant activity.
100% natural product
With Escargot de Crete snail secretion
100 gr
The shell of snails combined with the strongest secretion in the world removes dead cells and at the same time treats the skin with amazing results. The skin is soft from first use and creates an invisible film protecting against environmental hazards. Panacea3 exfoliating soap, due to its high secretion quality, contains much higher concentration of allantoin even cosmetic cream products sold worldwide with snail secretion contain.
The Panacea3 soap contains the highest secretion concentration that can be used in soap, the strongest secretion in the world. Escargot de Crete Cosmetics thus succeeds in making a natural soap with amazing cosmetic properties.
We should all think this way:
In our time, the stress, the chemical environment in which we live, the quality of our diet and their effects on our skin, and on the other hand the enormous need to safeguard and manage the planet's natural resources, created Escargot de Crete’s need to turn to create the green Olive Oil Soaps Panacea3. Many skin problems such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff etc. are considered to exist because of the wrong use of everyday hygiene products.
Rinsing these products requires high water consumption while harmful residues remain on our skin. At the same time, these washing activity releases all these dangerous substances into the environment and in various ways affect our quality of life. At Escargot de Crete it is essential to make good use of our natural resources and for this reason snail farming is based on biodynamic principles as you can find in our site’s specific section.
Product uniqueness: the powerful secretion of Escargot de Crete in combination with snail shell powder is an innovative product of Escargot de Crete. The method used in production ensures even greater concentrations of beneficial ingredients in the soap. Escargot de Crete's worldwide innovation: The creation of a natural exfoliating soap that simultaneously nourishes the skin with such intense cosmetic properties.

Way of use:
Use the soap to cleanse your face, hands, body and hair daily.
Rinse gently and allow the lather from your soap on your skin to work for 1 minute. Rinse. Be careful to avoid the eyes but if not, rinse thoroughly with water.
For all skin types even for sensitive and fragile skin.
For external use only.

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