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Essential oil Neroli Botanical Name: Citrus Aurantium 5ml / 0.16oz

Huile essentielle de Néroli Nom botanique:Citrus Aurantium 5ml/0.16oz

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Essential oil Neroli Botanical Name: Citrus Aurantium 5ml

Helping to ease feelings of sadness, encouraging happiness, for dry, mature skin…

Neroli essential oil with floral aroma from orange blossoms has multiple beneficial properties, intensely hydrates the skin and enhances the natural process of cellular regeneration, giving shine to mature skin. Neroli is an aqueous oil, with incredible ability to soften, replenishing and lock moisture. It offers a protective barrier to the skin for a beautiful complexion. It raises mood, self-esteem and reduces emotional exhaustion and anxiety. Inhale the powerful fragrance and breathe deeply to instantly relax the mind.

Face Serum: mix 5 drops of Neroli essential oil in 30 ml of almond oil. Lightly massage the face. Ideal for mature skin.

Car perfume: impregnate cotton with neroli essential oil and place it on fabric small pouches under the car seats. It relieves emotional fatigue for those who drive long hours.

Oil for stretch marks: mix 10 ml rose oil with 10 drops of neroli and apply lightly to the affected area.


Avoid eye contact.

They should never been used insoluble or on sensitive skin or skin prone to allergies.

Stop immediately the use if skin appears sensitivity.

Do not use on irritated skin or scratches. Only for external use.

Do not use them for indoors unless you have consulted a physician, pharmacist or an experienced aroma therapist.

If you have a health problem, or you are pregnant, or breast-feeding, you should contact your doctor first.

Some essential oils are unsuitable if you have children under 12 years old.

Avoid exposure to the sun after using citrus essential oils.

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