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Essential oil Laurel Botanical Name: Laurus  Nobilis 5ml / 0.16oz

Huile essentielle Laurier Nom botanique:Laurus Nobilis 5ml/0.16oz

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Essential oil Laurel Botanical Name: Laurus Nobilis 5ml

Hair tonic,for muscle aches, rheumatism, arthritis…

It is well known that the ancient Greeks crowned the winners of the games with a laurel wreath; Pythia chewed laurel leaves before giving her oracle. Daphne oil with the earthy, sweet aroma stimulates self-confidence, enhances self-concentration, facilitates the calm of thoughts and strengthens the mind.

It has analgesic properties, relieves pain associated with arthritis, rheumatism, or sore muscles after an intense workout. In addition it has anti-fungal and fungicidal action.

Massage: add 15 drops of essential oil to 50 ml of almond oil and massage gently into the aching areas of the body.

Hair Mask: mix 15 drops of laurel essential oil with 50 ml olive oil. Massage gently through hair and wrap with a towel for 30 '. Continue washing normally. It warms and stimulates the scalp. It treats hair loss, oiliness and dandruff.

Concentration boost: during periods of high mental fatigue, drip 3-4 drops of essential oil on a scarf and inhale at regular intervals. It helps in spiritual balance.


Avoid eye contact.

They should never been used insoluble or on sensitive skin or skin prone to allergies.

Stop immediately the use if skin appears sensitivity.

Do not use on irritated skin or scratches. Only for external use.

Do not use them for indoors unless you have consulted a physician, pharmacist or an experienced aroma therapist.

If you have a health problem, or you are pregnant, or breast-feeding, you should contact your doctor first.

Some essential oils are unsuitable if you have children under 12 years old.

Avoid exposure to the sun after using citrus essential oils.

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