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Cretan honey in traditional packaging 920g / 32.45oz

Miel crétois en emballage traditionnel 920g/32.45oz

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Honey of Excellent quality produced at the area of Kissamos.
Authentic Cretan honey, 100% pure, unrefined, with intense and distinctive aroma. It possesses unique taste and texture, is abundant in vitamins, amino acids and nutrients. This honey has a pleasant taste.
Cretan Thyme Honey is a completely natural product, unique in the world because of the specificity of the areas in which it is produced, where endemic vegetation exists. The island’s surrounding sea imparts the thyme honey with a special flavor and a unique aroma that makes it stand out among consumers.
The rare biodiversity of Crete is where that aroma and distinctive flavor are nested. This is the main characteristic of Cretan thyme honey and the key factor that Thyme honey ranks first in quality around the world. Our bees from mid-May are situated in Kissamos area, where we operate. Key locations are Cape Gramvousa, Elafonisi and Falasarna Ancient site where thyme plants thrive. Our primary concern is that the quality of honey is excellent and the above sites offer high quality and great honey flavor variation. 920g

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