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Carob Rusks Cretan Paximadi 350g / 12.3oz

Biscottes de caroube Cretan Paximadi 350g/12.3oz

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Cretan rusks To Manna. Genuine and true. As genuine and true is the tradition that we keep alive in our family bakery, for 66 years working with the purest ingredients of the Cretan land. When the tradition of Kythera meets the Cretan then we have the most delicious oil nut. With wheat flour, ground in a stone mill and with 14% olive oil, it accompanies all kinds of cheeses and every other meal wonderfully.

Nutrition Facts
Per 100g Per rusk (~10g) %RI*
Energy 1690kJ/ 460kcal 169kJ/ 46kcal 2,3%
Fat 9g 0,9g 1,3%
of which saturated 3,5g 0,35g 1,75%
Carbohydrates 64g 6,4g 2,5%
of which sugars 15g 1,5g 1,7%
Εdible fibers 13g 13g
Proteins 9g 0,9g 1,8%
Salt 1,47g 0,147g 2,45%

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