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Create an online store | Setting up an online store | Crete, Greece


Digitization of your products and creating product cards for an online store

Create an online store

What we offer:

Turnkey online store manufacturing.

The service includes:

  • Creation of an online store website
  • Digitization and uploading of goods to the site - up to 500 units of goods (creation of photos up to 5 pieces -one of which with a white background-, titles, descriptions, bar codes, SKU, inventory, search engine optimization systems)
  • Training (adding/removing products, editing/adding pages)


Package price: €8,750


create an online store crete

Additional services:

  1. a) Running an online store: €399 per month
  2. b) SEO optimization: €2,199
  3. c) Setting up targeted advertising: €999
  4. d) Maintaining targeted advertising: €299 per month
  5. e) Additional product: €7.5
  6. f) CRM system setup and sales funnel/tunnel: €1,999 without accounting for the cost of software (cost software from €250)
  1. g) Translation by native speakers (title, description, key

words, ALT texts): €0.03-0.06 per word


Creation of product cards for your online store and turnkey product digitization.


  • Writing selling titles and product descriptions by professional copywriters with philological education, taking into account all the nuances, marketing, psychology and search engine requirements.
  • Shooting goods of any size in any package. High-quality photos optimized for a fast-loading site. The service includes five photos, one of which with a white background.

Turnkey service cost: €7.99 per product



Photos should attract the buyer in the same way as in the actual store; the more presentable the photo, the more buyers you will be able to attract to your store. We, also, -exclusively for our clients- attach keywords into photo files which help users find your products giving you an edge on the search engine competition.


The title must reflect reality and not violate the rules of search engines, otherwise the site can be blocked forever, resulting in wasted money and time.



This is the body and soul of the product, as people want to get acquainted with the product; take it, twist it, see it, touch it. In an online store, the product should have an elaborate description, letting buyers know exactly what it is, how it will benefit them, by whom it was created and where. This is a very important part that should not be neglected.

  • Creating a product card with the provision of photos, titles and descriptions

(You provide us with all the material for each product and we generate a CSV file to upload goods to your online store with the ability to upload them in CSV / XLS format data and a sample product data file with access to admin panel.)


Service cost: €5.99 € per product


Additional services:

  • a) Product shooting: €4.99 € per product

The service includes five photos of the product, one of them with a white background.

  • b) Writing titles and descriptions: €1.99 € per product
  • c) Translation by native speakers (title, description, keywords, ALT texts): €0.03-0.06 per word


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